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Eva Adhesive manufacturers
1. Product Introduction
EVA polymer is series of vinyl acetate and vinyl polymer emulsion, containing vinyl composition has internal plasticity, have excellent plasticizer/solvent increases the viscosity, good emphatically, heat-resistant latent degeneration, water resistance and alkali resistance. Suitable for all kinds of different qualities, such as: synthetic foam, paper, cotton, plywood, cotton cloth, nylon cloth, polyester fabric, TC cloth, anti-silk fabric, fiber and ground fiber and carpet back glue etc. Widely used in: color printing plant used for paper, PP film sealing side of adhesive such as joint factory (cloth and cloth, cloth and PS plate joint), lampshade factory (stick cloth, paper and glue silk flower factory (for silk flowers, hot glue) and other wide uses. EVA polymer also calls VAE emulsion.

2. Production Specification
AppearanceMilk  white liquid
Solid   content55±1%

3.Product packing and storage
50kg ,120kg or Tun drum ,It should be stored in a tightly closed 5-40°C dark continer ,dry and well-ventilated.The shelf-life is six months after its production.Packing and types of shipping are at customers’choice.Eva Adhesive manufacturers

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