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China PP Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine factory
The equipment produce non woven fabric with polypropylene(PP), adopts the technology of air drawing in to the web forming by negative pressure to make the PP spun bond non woven fabric, the product is feature by uniform cover, great intensity, good breathable feature and good feeling, It is widely used for medical, household, hotel accessories, beauty care disposable product, Agricultural cover, clothes package and architecture.
Nonwove fabrics are textile products in form of separate fibers.different from the conventional textile fabrics and paper,nonwoven fabric are not made from yarn and thus normally do not contain them.usually nonwoven entirely consist of or at least contain a big proportion of long fibers which are boned intermittently.the production of nonwoven fabric can be divided into three stages,which are web formation,web bonding and finishing treatment.
1.GSM Range:10-200gsm
3.Certification: CE/ISO9001

Additive(Recycling offcut fabric) ----> Raw materia l----> Melting ----> Filtering ----> Measuring  ----> Spinning ----> Cooling ----> Stretching ----> Web forming ----> Calendering ----> Winding ----> Cutting----> Final product
China PP Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine factory

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